What are the objectives of the [J]ITANA Project?


Strengthen the Roma associative network to lead empowerment processes in Roma families in contexts of exclusion that ensure prosperous and healthy lives for their adolescent daughters.

Generate knowledge and shared resources between Roma associations and public and academic institutions that incorporate the gender perspective in their good practices aimed at Roma families and their adolescent daughters.

Expected results:


The psychosocial patterns that affect Roma families will be identified to decide the future of their daughters, as well as the social determinants that condition them. This will be achieved through promoting that associations create spaces for families and adolescents to:


Community assets, narratives and evidence related to the rights of Roma women will be mapped.


The assets and resources related to the rights of the Roma women in Roma associations in Spain and the spaces destined to the participation of Roma families and adolescents in the associations will be mapped.


Protocols will be drawn up and piloted in Roma associations to promote advocacy processes and the development of recommendations on the rights of women in Roma families and adolescents. Roma associations should offer themselves as safe and reliable community resources for families and adolescents by:


An evaluation model will be developed, allowing to document the impact of the initiatives, guaranteeing continuous improvement and the sustainability of the processes.


A communication and dissemination plan will be carried out for the different audiences involved (i.e., Roma communities, scientific networks and social planners)