GazKaló – Yiló coordination meeting

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GazKaló – Yiló coordination meeting

On June 22nd, a coordination meeting was held between several of the women participating in the [J]ITANA project, on behalf of GazKaló (Navarra) and Yiló (Seville), with the collaboration of CESPYD – University of Seville as assistant technicians.


Laura (technical assistant) and Mª Jesús (facilitator) shared their experience implementing the [J]ITANA project in the San Adrián Social Services Association, made up of the municipalities of Andosilla, Azagra, Cárcar and San Adrián itself.


In the first place, the action was contextualized in the place of San Adrián’s Social Services Association, and of GazKaló as an organization. Then it was shared how the local coalition was created and maintained, how the participants were invited to the project; and finally how the sessions with the participants were held.


Throughout the presentation, Yiló were solving their doubts for future training on the project in the context of Polígono Sur and Torreblanca de los Caños (Seville), which will be given to the facilitators in the coming weeks, and also after summer.

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