Final exhibition of the [J]ITANA project in San Adrián

Final exhibition of the [J]ITANA project in San Adrián


On April 6th, the final Photovoice exhibition of the [J]ITANA project was opened in San Adrián (Navarre). Mª Jesús (facilitator and Health Promoter in San Adrián) and Laura (technical assistant and social worker of GazKaló) share with us a video of the project and a chronicle of how the day went:


«The opening ceremony of the exhibition of the [J]ITANA project was held in the House of Culture’s assembly hall of San Adrián. About 60 people attended, including family members, key agents and professionals involved. It was a very emotional act open to the public, in which the Roma girls were the protagonists.


To begin with, it was explained what the project consisted of and that it is an initiative to empower girls, focusing on a healthy life and a prosperous future for them, their families and their communities.


It was told that, during the project, we have focused on developing a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, where to reflect and create a space in which the girls become aware of the range of opportunities for personal development for the future, identifying their DREAMS and aspirations.


The workshops to support the entire process of the girls through the “photovoice” technique, other activities and workshops carried out were described.


It was also discussed that it is a pilot participatory action-research project in Navarre, which was initiated in other cities of the country by CESPYD – University of Seville, funded by the Department of Social Rights of the Government of Navarre and the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation; and in which UPNA (Universidad Pública de Navarra) is collaborating, as well as Gaz Kaló, Asociación Lacho Drom, and other Roma associations in Spain.


After the initial presentation, we projected the video of the RoMoMatteR project carried out in Alicante, and later the video recorded in San Adrián was projected, which was very emotional and made the public shed several tears of emotion.


The facilitators and the technical assistant, accompanied by Ricardo Hernández  – coordinator of the federation of Roma associations of Navarre – explained the importance of the girls’ dreams and the need to be supported by their families and their people surrounding them. To make each of the participants’ dreams visible, the girls went on stage one by one, presenting the photographs in which they reflected their dreams and what they needed to carry them out. After this emotional moment, some certificates of participation were distributed to them – which according to the mothers, have been framed and hung up on the wall at home.


To finish, we invited the people who attended the event to a guided tour of the exhibition explained by the participating girls and the facilitators. Throughout the exhibition you could see the materials of all the activities carried out throughout the project: murals, photographs and artistic creations, including the photos taken where they have captured their dreams. It was an emotional evening to remember.


Days after the exhibition, most families have gone with more relatives to see it. They also thanked the facilitators for the work that has been done with their daughters, expressing at all times the great help that has been for them. It has served to raise awareness and encourage the girls – as a family – to fulfill their dreams. Both on the day of the exhibition and the days after, the involvement of families has been observed, sharing the video of the project, expressing pride and affection for their daughters, and enthusiastically showing others what their girls’ goals are.


The exhibition of the project has continued to be exposed for a month so that the population can visit it, make the dream of each girl visible and emphasize that with support, resources and others involved, they can achieve them


Mª Jesús and Laura

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