Trip to Sendaviva (Navarre)

Trip to Sendaviva (Navarre)

We have news! From the community of San Adrián (Navarre), where the project is being carried out, one of the facilitators has shared with the blog a short review of the trip they made last November to Sendaviva, a theme park on nature and the environment:


«The day before the trip, the girls’ families are very interested in knowing the details: when do we leave, when do we arrive, and if they are having fun too. Some mothers asked their daughters what they wanted to bring to drink, that they dress well for cold weather, enjoy themselves and take photos of the place so they can later see them together at home.


The day of the trip, while we waited for the bus, they were very happy, and the mothers arrived on time. The mothers were also calm, they are rarely separated from their daughters: trust both in the project and in the monitors is very positive. And it is something that is being noticed by their involvement when it comes to activities: they bring them on time, they offer to bring them if a problem arises; and they ask the girls back at home how they enjoyed it, what have they done today and if they have made any friends.


The trip in general was very good: they enjoyed it a lot, they saw and learned many things; some of the girls even discovered that they liked animals more than they imagined. They had time to socialize with each other while they enjoyed the experience, and they had a very positive attitude when it came to how the visit was planned: they were happy where we chose to go first and the activities we set out to do. There were many girls and yet we controlled every detail: if we saw any danger due to the situation of some girls, it was perceived and acted on in advance; which I think is something super positive and effective, since at that time the girls were our responsibility.


The trip seemed very necessary and positive for them: in fact, to this day they remember it a lot in the workshops, and most of them say that it is what they liked the most so far, along with other workshops that have already been carried out»


Mª Jesús, project facilitator

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