GazKaló: meet the organisations


GazKaló: meet the organisations

The Federation of Roma Associations of Navarra Gaz Kaló is a non-profit, independent, apolitical, non-denominational organization, with full respect for pluralism, equal treatment and non-discrimination, for the values ​​of Roma people and culture, respectful and defender of human rights.



coordinate, complement and provide services to Roma associations, favoring dialogue with different sectors of society (Public Administration, other entities, the media, political parties, etc.) in order to promote equal treatment, social promotion, the cultural identity and image of the Roma community in Navarra.



  • Cooperation/ Together.
  • Transparency/ Things clear.
  • Equity/ The one who needs the most, the one who is given the most.
  • Commitment/ Formality.
  • Adaptation/ Each case has its own thing.
  • Conciliation/ To reach an agreement, to sort out.



  • Defend civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Roma People and fight against stereotypes and social prejudices.
  • Optimize, update and stimulate the work of Roma associationism, the quality and transparency of its programs, services and actions, as an instrument of promotion and social normalization.
  • Recover, preserve and protect the Roma culture to contribute, together with others, to the enrichment and coexistence in a society that is increasingly plural, inclusive and free from social exclusion and discrimination.
  • Facilitate the dialogue of Roma associationism with Public Administrations, social entities and the general population.
  • Promote equity in health, education, employment and housing, reducing inequalities.
  • Promote and accompany the Roma community in its training and social capacity building processes.
  • Promote women’s participation as a value of Roma culture, in the governing bodies of the federation and in decision-making processes, facilitating overcoming inequalities.
  • Promote youth’s participation in the governing bodies of the federation.



  • Design, development and evaluation of programs and projects aimed to the Roma community.
  • Promote schooling and improvement of the academic results of Roma boys and girls in primary education, as well as their permanence in compulsory secondary education.
  • Promote the health of the Roma community together with the Public Administration and other social entities.
  • Coordination with other entities at the local, regional, state and European level.
  • Carrying out studies and elaborating teaching materials.
  • Organization and dissemination of events which promote interculturality and awareness of Roma language and culture.
  • Promotion and management of social networks and new technologies as an instrument for participation and dissemination of activities, news, events and materials.
  • Mediation in conflicts.
  • Support, guidance and technical, labor, administrative and financial management of Roma associations.
  • Training and advice.
  • Report and intervention in situations of racism and discrimination.


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