[J]itana: Community-Based Participatory-Action-Research

Logo de JITANA

[J]itana: Community-Based Participatory-Action-Research

[J]ITANA is based on the principle that Roma families and their teenage daughters have the talent and capacity to get involved in initiatives that advocate for their rights to build a better future. At the same time, it assumes that the Roma associations must guide and accompany these processes.


[J]ITANA proposes a Community-Based Participatory-Action-Research (CBPAR) process that aims to engage all sectors involved (families, adolescents, community, associations, researchers), recognizing the capacity of the Roma community itself to generate knowledge, skills and resources that allow them to prosper in their lives. Different qualitative and quantitative techniques will be used throughout the project to achieve the proposed objectives. An evaluation process will also be carried out to document the scope, quality and sustainability of the changes in associations, families, adolescents, and social and community networks.

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