FAGiC: meet the organisations

Reunión de FAGiC

FAGiC: meet the organisations


The Federación de Asociaciones Gitanas de Cataluña – FAGiC (Federation of Roma Associations in Catalonia) was created in 1991, and nowadays gathers 96 Roma associations from all over Catalonia. FAGiC is the most representative Roma organisation in the region, which purpose is to defend and promote the rights and culture of the Roma people in Catalonia.



Our team is made by the Directive Board, which represents the member associations, and by a staff of 40 people from different academic background. We are people committed to the Roma community, the human rights and the social change. The staff is distributed among the head office in Barcelona and the associations offices, who together with volunteers, students and trainees are the engine of FAGiC.



  • IMPROVE THE CREATION of actions addressed to the Roma Community, gathering their aspirations and worries, building bridges between Roma and non-Roma.
  • INTERACT WITH THE CATALAN GOVERNMENT, the Public Administration, at local and national level, to ensure Roma rights will be respected.
  • PROMOTE THE CIVIC PARTICIPATION through community-based initiatives and support for the member associations.
  • ENCOURAGE ACTIVITIES and projects which promote coexistence between the non-Roma and the Roma community.
  • UNITE AND REPRESENT THE VOICE OF ROMA ASSOCIATIONS of Catalonia in order to become stronger and more representative, developing a common action plan among Roma associations.
  • DEFEND, PROMOTE AND STUDY the Roma language, history and culture. Challenge Romaphobia, xenophobia and all kinds of racism.

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